How To Plan Ahead

At Callaham-Hicks Funeral Home, we try and make planning ahead a comfortable and rewarding experience. We would be happy to visit you at your home at your request, or you can stop by our facility at any time to learn how to plan ahead. We offer several planning options.

The Callaham-Hicks preneed plans allow you to:

• Choose from among several options on how to pay for the prearrangement in a way that’s convenient and affordable for you.

• Plan your arrangement in a way that guarantees funeral costs, such that the price plan you select is frozen at today’s prices, and protects your plan against inflationary increases.

• Qualify for the plan regardless of your age or health.

• Enroll in burial insurance plans to pay for the arrangement and thereby protect existing life insurance plans for surviving family Members; and protect family savings.

• Plan arrangements in such a way that the plan eliminates any financial burden to your family.

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