Plan Ahead

Today, more and more people are arranging their funerals in advance…and taking care of the details of a funeral service before the need arises. Every year, more than one million people plan their funerals ahead. We have helped many, many families with prearrangements and they have all told us that the experience of planning ahead was important to their peace of mind.

We here at Callaham-Hicks Funeral Home can help you answer tough questions that we have all pondered, or will reflect upon, at one time or another. Questions like: “Who would arrange my funeral if something happened to me tomorrow?” “How will my funeral be paid?” “How much should be spent on my funeral?”

Advanced funeral planning makes the process of arranging a funeral a little easier and allows you to consider all your options. And perhaps, more importantly, you have as much time as you need to make well-informed decisions.

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