The Cremation Service is another service option that can be selected. (Cremations can be either immediate or with a funeral service). If a Cremation Service option is selected, the offering is a service just like a complete funeral service, except that the body is taken to the crematory after the service instead of a procession to the cemetery and casketed burial. Generally, the funeral service is preceded by a visitation for family and friends. Following the funeral service or ceremony, and cremation, the cremated remains will be returned to the family. The cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or kept by the family. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains.

If direct, or Immediate, Cremation is selected; no viewing or funeral ceremony precedes the cremation. However, a memorial service is often carried out after the cremation. A memorial service is one where the body is not present, but having some type of service or ceremony is considered to be helpful as a way to say “good-bye” and bring closure.

Simple Immediate Cremation can also be selected with no viewing or ceremony.

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