Grief Support

When a family member or friend dies, the loss can be overwhelming, and can carry us on a journey that can be very painful and difficult. It is a journey through grief. Having a full funeral service, or memorial service, allows a process to begin that helps in the healing and transition process. Family and friends are given an opportunity to offer their support. However, once the service is over, and family and friends have departed, there is generally a need for some type of continuing care and/or grief support.

The Callaham-Hicks Funeral Home recognizes this need and offers a continuing care/grief support program. We know that support is still important after the service is concluded, and that you will still need others on which to lean.

Our continuing care coordinator is Elder Terrell Jones. Elder Jones is a graduate of Limestone College and the University of South Carolina, where she received BA and MA degrees in Social Work. Elder Jones is also an ordained minister and has extensive experience in bereavement counseling, hospice care, individual and group counseling and grief support for children and adults. Elder Jones, and other Callaham-Hicks Funeral Home staff, are available to offer a helping hand to you and your family after you have experienced a loss. We are here to help you through your pain of loss, beyond the day of the funeral.

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