M.S. Callaham, the founder of Callaham Funeral Home and a native of Anderson, SC, was a larger than life figure in the funeral industry. A graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, he was not only a highly respected member in the industry, but was a businessman of great accomplishment. M.S. Callaham, upon completing his degree at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, moved from Anderson, SC to Spartanburg County and opened, in 1933, the Callaham Funeral Home. Mr. Callaham was a funeral Industry and business leader, and community role model.

In 1933, he began dual careers: that of funeral service provider and real estate investor/developer. He achieved outstanding successes in both fields during his more than 50 year career.

The facility that was selected in 1933 to be the founding location for the Callaham Funeral Home business was the building that was formally the John-Nina Hospital. The hospital was constructed in 1913 by the Nina and Worth Littlejohn family. The Littlejohn family created and operated in the city of Spartanburg the first and only licensed black hospital in this building until 1932, when it was merged with Spartanburg General Hospital.

The John-Nina Hospital building was purchased by Mr. M.S. Callaham in 1933. It was at this time, at this location in this historic facility, that Mr. Callaham founded his business. And it was at this historic landmark that the Callaham Funeral Home operated for the next 74 years; until August of 2007, when a fire destroyed the historic structure.

The business was able to continue its operations in its visitation/chapel building until a new facility was completed in April of 2010. The business has operated at its historic downtown site as its only location during the 78 years of its history.

The Callaham Funeral Home has been passed down through the Callaham family over the 78 years and remains a family owned and operated business to this day. Mr. Callaham’s nephew, Leonard Hicks, is its current owner. The business is now the Callaham-Hicks Funeral Home.

Leonard Hicks’ ownership of the business began after a successful career in the Federal Government, which included work in: the U.S. Peace Corps in South America; the U.S. Redevelopment Land Agency; the Office of Management and Budget; and, the Department Of Health and Human Services.

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